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Vj info net tech has redefined the platform for email marketing services to stay in touch with the existing clients & build a friendly relation with the new clients. Email marketing is an online marketing tool that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or corporate messages. It is a reliable & lucrative method for generating leads and plays an important role in most of the marketing campaigns due to its relatively cheap cost and potential to reach millions of customers. Email marketing provides great opportunity for clients to reach out millions of people in a matter of second.

Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization (SMO) is a methodology through which website can effectively appear in the social media sites. Social Media Marketing is the approach to market the website or a business to boost business brand and product sales the website traffic from the social sites.

Social media optimization can promote your business very effective way, if

• Are you looking for an easier, most affordable and less time-consuming promotion tool to promote your website?

• Are you struggling to share your business information with the customers?

• Do you want to know the customers' feedback on your products and services?

• Are you aware of the additional features your customers need?

• Are you in a challenging stage to increase and retain its customer base?

• Do you want to share your business information in the global market just by one click?

Social media offers a lucrative opportunity to the businesses to connect with the costumers easily and in the most effective way through press release optimization and distribution, RSS feed distribution, book marking, tagging, events, groups, tweets sharing and more effective activities.

Social media help the website and the businesses through the following ways:

• Increase the website back link for better PR and Rank in the search engine

• Tagging and book-marking to connect to the high traffic social website

• Content distribution to attract the business traffic from the social network websites



VJ Info net Tech (VJ Groups) offers a wide array of services such as professional web site design, web site maintenance, web hosting, Seo, online Marketing, Product Presentation and other small business services such as logo and banner design.

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